Prefabricated houses can be either mobile homes, that is, they can be disassembled and transferred to a new location, or not, as in our way of construction, thus they are permanent, as the conventional ones. The way of construction is the following: the structural units are fabricated at the factory in the form of panels and then transferred to the plot in a lorry. Afterwards, they are placed onto a platform that has already been built. The houses are delivered complete, with all the necessary elements, such as tiles, sanitary ware, insulation, casings, wiring and piping.

Wood constitutes the king of materials for us. The ecological choice of materials that we use for the construction of your house is non-negotiable.

There is great flexibility concerning designs and, at the same time, the materials used bring us closer to the natural environment compared to the concrete.

More and more people turn to the solution of prefabricated houses, which can be up to 80% cheaper than conventional houses, without lacking construction quality.    


Advantages and disadvantages:

Why should you choose prefabricated houses over conventional ones?

The main advantages that have attracted a lot of people are the fast delivery, from two to five months (at a prearranged date), the absence of the stress of construction (building crew, weather conditions etc.), the controllable construction quality and the economy (especially reduced and prearranged cost).

In all cases, banks finance such purchases.

In order to find out yourselves which house meets your needs the most, you should conduct a personal research. We suggest that you visit houses we have constructed and talk with their owners.