Deal Construction Package!

Price per square meter 850€


The price inclube energy-efficient fireplace values 3.500€.

The price reffers to passive masonry 37,32 cm.


The price includes:

  1. House placement and assembly.
  2. Tile roof and drain pipes.
  3. Casings with blinds and meshes.
  4. Safety door (customer’s choice from the company’s catalogue).
  5. Exterior plaster by the STO or the WEBER company.
  6. Workers’ social security expenses and VAT are included in the price proportionally.
  7. Electrical and hydraulic installations (sockets and switches in every room, sanitary ware, faucets, bathroom furniture).
  8. Central heating (water tank, boiler and heating panels).
  9. Kitchen cupboards with sink and tiles (10 meters).
  10. Four-door wardrobes in every bedroom.
  11. Tile and sanitary ware installation (choice from particular company stores).
  12. Interior stuccoing and painting (the colour is chosen by the customer).
  13. New-type interior doors.
  14. Energy-efficient fireplace.


The price above does not include:

  1. Urban planning permit.
  2. Foundation.
  3. Social security expenses during foundation.
  4. Landscape gardening.
  5. Transport expenses (excluding Central and Eastern Macedonia)
    In the rest of the geographic divisions, there will be a charge of 2€ per km e.g. Larissa 150 km 300€. 
  6. Special constructions.
  7. Crane.